Silver Irish Celtic Claddagh Ring Set


Very pleased with the rings you sent and will be treasured for a long time

The rings are pretty, they look exactly like the picture shown for this product so I was very pleased that they were as shown. They come in lovely boxes with a small informational leaflet. I found that the shape of the large ring can be very easily distorted as the plain part of the ring (the bit that goes on the underside of your finger) is quite thin, at least it is on the larger ring. This is however my first ring, so perhaps this is common with such products.

So the rings get 4.5 out of 5!!!

One tiny gripe I have was the delivery. I looked up the delivery options before I proceeded to purchase this product. I was excited about the prospect of the next working day delivery, however this option never appeared (I noted it says "on selected products" so perhaps this is not a selected product). Nonetheless I felt that perhaps the 2-3 days would be sufficient. It may have been because I was asking for delivery to the Channel Islands (Jersey), but the rings did NOT arrive in 2-3 days, in fact I believe it took 8 days (including the weekend). I was quite disappointed with this as it was extremely important to me that they arrived BEFORE the weekend.

But end on a high note, the rings are still lovely.


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